Outline for :

Healthier Living with
a Disability
60 min. DVD



Topics on the DVD, by Scott Grove

Cardiovascular Health

Dr. Thomas Franco will discuss:
• What the cardiovascular system is and what it does for the body.
• Why it is important to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

We will demonstrate several different cardio exercises that can be applied to a range of disabilities.

Weight Management

A physician and/or nutritionist, as well as a physical therapist, discuss:
• Nutrition
• Obesity
• Other weight issues related to physical disabilities

Why it’s important to maintain a healthy body weight and why it’s even more important when dealing with a physical disability.
• Overall health issues
Blood cholesterol issues
Risk of heart and artery disease
When you eat better, you feel better
• Circulation – being overweight negatively affects circulation.
Aids in circulation include:
Massage therapy
Aquatic therapy
Pneumatic compression devices
Ted Hose
• Skin Issues
Healthy diet – healthy skin. We will discuss how a proper diet promotes healthy skin tissue.
• Mobility – the heavier you are, the harder it is on your mobility. It also affects your overall independence.

We will teach what the BMI is and finding a comfortable weight.

We will introduce the STEP nutrition information and the Food Nutrition Guide as important literature that people should have.

Skin Care – Being proactive in caring for your skin is imperative to avoid skin breakdown and possible hospitalization.

Pressure relief
• In-chair pushups
• Position-changing while in the chair and while in bed
• We will present a range of pressure-relieving seat cushions that are available for different types of chairs and various disabilities.

Inspection and care for the skin
• Inspecting your skin with a mirror
• Keeping skin clean and dry
• Lotions that can be used to maintain healthy skin

Wound Care
Signs to look for in a pressure ulcer

Procedures if you detect a wound
• Contact a doctor immediately
• Stay off the wound until you have a professional examine it
• If necessary, get to the Emergency Room immediately

Wound Treatment
We demonstrate proper techniques in treating a pressure ulcer.

We present procedures to follow post-surgery for a wound.

We discuss treatment for a wound so as to avoid hospitalization or surgery.

Muscle Strengthening

We discuss and demonstrate maximizing a person’s functional muscle use for the purpose of improving the quality of:
• Mobility
• Transferring techniques
• Circulation
• Independence and self-esteem

A healthy body can create a healthy state of mind. We will demonstrate a variety of different exercises for a range of disabilities.

Self-esteem and Dealing with Depression

We discuss topics that directly affect the outcome of some of our behaviors when forced to face a life-altering event like a disability.
• Denial
• Sadness
• Anger
• Acceptance

We discuss the importance of establishing your own support network
• Family and Friends
• Spirituality
• Connecting with nature
• Hobbies – getting back to your old ones and establishing new ones
• Investigating different activities for yourself

Avoidance and management of unhealthy behaviors:
• Smoking
• Drinking
• Drugs
• Overall carelessness and dangerous behaviors when dealing with a disability

Establishing attainable, realistic goals
• Short-term
• Intermediate
• Long-term

We discuss the importance of connecting with a stress management program to address issues related to sexuality and spinal cord injury.

Closing remarks by Dr. Tom Franco and Scott Grove