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 Justin Redding

Justin Redding 402-612-7490
- jrnar@cox.net

My name is Justin Redding.
I am a professional trainer and power lifter. I have been lifting weights for over eighteen years and competing professionally for the last year. I am nationally certified through N.A.S.M (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and A.F.P.A. (American Fitness Professionals & Associates), as a personal trainer. I bring lots of classroom knowledge to the table, but what separates me from other trainers is that I bring 18 years of real world experience in the gym. I believe that trial and error are the best teachers available, you can’t get that in a classroom. This benefits my clients in that I have sifted through many routines and training regimens. I have kept the things that work and thrown out the techniques that don’t. This allows me to bring my client’s the most cutting edge effective routines available. I have taken the guess work out of training. My partnership with RehabGo has opened up my eyes to a whole new world of training. I have developed numerous effective techniques for training a person with a disability. These techniques have been tested and utilized for over five years. I invite you to come along and explore your options in the gym with…

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