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When dealing with a disability there is hardly anything more important than the equipment and tools we use every day. They aid us in maintaining a close to normal daily existence. Your equipment refers to all the items, including your wheel chair, that enable you to get through your day with as little trouble as possible. It must be dependable, easy to use, durable and most of all be something that is designed to do what you want to accomplish as comfortably as you can, yet giving you the independence you seek.
There are many fine companies out there that sell items for the disabled, but since I have 19 years in a wheel chair I have seen almost all of it, including the new high tech robot walkers, wheel chairs, etc... Like all things manufactured there are some better than others and at we are always being asked for our opinions on a certain devices or other aids that people with a disability want to know more about. This is why we decided to include it on our web site, to assist as much as we can in recommending and advising the inquisitive and keeping you up to date on things that may make your life easier. Of course, we cannot cover it all but we can show you what we recommend and what has helped me to get around and have a reasonably normal home life. All the equipment here is something we know from our experiences personally or with my many disabled friends, physicians, therapists, trainers and manufacturers from whom we receive information and updates all the time.
I sincerely hope that this is helpful to you and answers at least some of the questions you may have about what to use and when to use it and hope you are able to somehow benefit from the items we recommend and offer..
You may email me directly for any answer you are seeking about related equipment or other assisting aid. We would love to hear from you!  Enjoy the wheel chair videos.   
Scott Grove

TherapyTrainer is designed to optimize your recovery. Track your workout and upload it to a dedicated file for your doctor’s review and play video games on-line at the same time.
The interactive features of the bikes can add fun and entertainment to your physical therapy or your exercise program. By simply plugging in the bike into the USB port of your computer your pedal motion makes you a part of your favorite PC games or virtual reality worlds. Including World of War Craft and Second Life! Keeping track of your daily workouts is so easy with the logging features included in the software. The software is up dateable on the web!

Watch Scott use the Trainer for a Cardio Work Out.

Get into the game in a whole new way. The Game Cap is a unique way for anyone to play PC games. The Game Cap is a revolutionary new game controller that allows you to play PC games even while pedaling the Therapy Cycle PC or Therapy Trainer with your hands! You can control the navigation of your on-screen character/vehicle by slight movements of your head while controlling the speed of your on-screen character/vehicle by your pedal motion of the Therapy Cycle PC or the Therapy Trainer. There is nothing else like it! Easy enough to use that kids love them! As easy to program as a PC controller.

Do you know someone who is working to rebuild or develop their hand eye coordination? TBI patients, quadriplegic’s, stroke patients using virtual reality world therapy, or an amputee that is bored with their usual work out yet want to improve their upper body strength. The Game Cap is perfect!