My name is Scott Grove. I was born and raised in Omaha Nebraska. I am a very proud father of a 22 year old daughter, and have been blessed with 2 beautiful granddaughters. I’am a 100% service connected disabled veteran. Three years into serving my first tour of duty for our United States Air Force, I was honorably discharged after fracturing my neck in a truck accident which left me paralyzed from the chest down. Prior to my injury I was a command and control specialist. I directed and controlled military airlift command forces throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East in support of operation Desert Shield, Desert Storm, The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and Joint Chiefs of Staff Provide Comfort.


My fellow controllers and I were responsible for the success of the largest airlift in United States History of the Air Force, launching over 30,0000 missions in theater. During my time in the service, I earned the Air Force Achievement Medal, National Defense Service Medal, War Time Service Medal, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, Air Force Long Term Overseas Ribbon, and Air Force Training Ribbon. I carry a debt of gratitude for those who have fought and died for the freedoms were able to enjoy in this country. I maintain a tremendous amount of pride and honor from serving in our United States Military Services.

I gained top of the line training in a very rewarding career in Air Traffic Control. More importantly the military turned me into a man and offered me an opportunity to serve my country and provide for me and my family. After my injury I retired from the military in 1992. I joined the Iowa Chapter Paralyzed Veterans of America . In 1994 I moved to Omaha , Nebraska and joined the Great Plains Paralyzed Veterans of America. In 1997 I was elected to the Board of Directors and served as the Vice President from 2001-2002 then assumed the Presidency in August 2002-2004. Having the opportunity to join with my brothers and work with the Paralyzed Veterans of America has been a positive staple in my life for persevering and believing in myself so I have a life to live and talents to contribute after such a life altering injury and road to a recovery to a Happy Life.


I currently serve on Creighton’s University ADA Committee, assisting in overseeing campus accessibility . I also instruct four times a year at Creighton’s Occupational Therapy Department educating students about SCI Spinal Cord Injury. I founded Mascot Services in 2004 and Rehab Go in 2010 to help others. I want to take the knowledge I have gained from living two different sides of life and share that wisdom with others who have been forced to face a life changing injury or illness. I have learned so much about life by overcoming adversity and living life with a disability. I love people. I am a people person! I want to help people! I have worked very hard to achieve the mental and physical strength I maintain today. The beautiful part is anyone can do it! I say this because I did it. My soul was on empty but by simply believing in myself and putting my energy towards getting stronger and better with every aspect my life I realized my life does have meaning and that I still have something to give back.! My injury opened my eyes to how precious life is and I do not want to waist a single minute of time!

Scott Grove - Rehab Go

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