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RehabGo LLC, is a Corporation formed by Scott Grove

Our mission is to provide helpful information and tools to disabled individuals which can help make their lives as close to normal as possible. This includes not only the ups and downs of the physical aspect which everyone has to cope with, but also the mental struggle to remain upbeat and hopeful in situations where it is easy to fall prey to self induced depression.

Scott Grove , is a beacon shining the light of promise and hope to all fellow human beings disabled and those who assist them.

Feel free to contact us through our web site or call us. We love to make new friends. How can we help you?


Scott Grove
Head of Research
& Development

Scott Grove...
is now available for
personal appearances or teaching one on one with an individual. He always gives inspirational heart felt informative motivating speeches and His knowledge of the rehab world is his greatest teaching asset, along with his seemingly never ending energy and drive.

He also raises funds for many causes dedicated to helping all the disabled. Scott often is a spokes-person for corporations and groups, to promote their products or business ventures.

He participates in many types of live events and gatherings to promote his new web site and provide information to all who will listen
and want to learn.

If you need a spokesman or an experienced talented fund raiser, contact us and  we will discuss the options available for Scott to help you promote your products, project or service.

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