After an individual has been forced to face a life altering event such as a spinal cord injury, there is a tremendous amount of pain and confusion for both the one who has been injured and their loved ones. At most a person has three months the insurance companies are willing to pay each patient to stay in a hospital. This is barely enough time to stabilize the body let alone be taught some of the tools and techniques needed to have the opportunity for a healthy and meaningful life after the injury. You never know what might make a positive difference to help motivate someone or actually change their life for the better, because they had access to timely relevant information. Understanding the need for this information at a time when there seems to be no answers is why Rehab Go is here. To help you fill the gaps. We develop media to help educate, train, and inspire people with disabilities. Sometimes all a person needs is a message of hope to better understand the opportunities and what they can become. Rehab Go is here to empower people to become stronger and more independent with every aspect of their daily lives when dealing with a disability.
Welcome to the RehabGo web site. We hope you find our message helpful, hopeful and motivating.

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